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London FCRR PB!

1:42:42 (HM) is the new time to beat. Great course and the perfect day for a run!


Week Three: Run into work

25.5km – 2:19:22
I’ve been planning this run for a while and it went off without a hitch. My longest and furthest run ever! I ran from home into work. I haven’t posted in a while, last week I ran four mid distance runs of 6-7km. My Next race is two weeks away so now it’s time to taper and prepare for a new PB.

Week Two: Run 2

9.77km – 48.01
It’s finally starting to feel like Spring. Tempo run to my parents house. Happy Birthday Dad!

Week Two : Run 1

7km – 37:15
Treadmill building block run. Felt good to push myself a little.

Week One: Run 3, 4 & 5

Here’s a weekend update:
Saturday 6km – 31:30
Sunday 6km – 29:50
Monday 15.1k – 1:21:00

Great weekend of running, working and got to see Time Giant at the Queens Saturday night.

Week One: Run 2

10km – 49:25

Great day for a tempo run.  Besides the rain/snow mixture, puddles galore and getting splashed by several cars.  Good news is it feels kinda like spring.  Yahoo!

I’m starting to train for my next half which is on Apr 27th in London.  Haven’t formalized a program yet because I think I might just wing this one and see what happens.

Week One: Run 1

6km – 29:30
Pushed my little 2 year old in the Chariot through town. All he wanted to do was get out and run next to me. He was driving me a little crazy but I can’t really blame him!


Recovery Week – Run 2

5km – 24:55
Fast run on my old faithful 5k route. I’m recovered, rested and ready to start preparing for my next run!

Recovery Week

4.2km – 21:50
Recovery run in the warm Florida sun. I wish I didn’t have to go back to running in the snow 😦

The reviews don’t lie…beautifully hilly!

Marco Island Half 1:53:35
We arrived yesterday and I conquered the half this morning. Now to explore this amazing island for the next week! I’ll write a race recap in a few days once my thoughts ferment for a while!



(This one’s for you Peter)