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Week One: Run 3, 4 & 5

Here’s a weekend update:
Saturday 6km – 31:30
Sunday 6km – 29:50
Monday 15.1k – 1:21:00

Great weekend of running, working and got to see Time Giant at the Queens Saturday night.


Week One: Run 2

10km – 49:25

Great day for a tempo run.  Besides the rain/snow mixture, puddles galore and getting splashed by several cars.  Good news is it feels kinda like spring.  Yahoo!

I’m starting to train for my next half which is on Apr 27th in London.  Haven’t formalized a program yet because I think I might just wing this one and see what happens.

Week One: Run 1

6km – 29:30
Pushed my little 2 year old in the Chariot through town. All he wanted to do was get out and run next to me. He was driving me a little crazy but I can’t really blame him!


Recovery Week – Run 2

5km – 24:55
Fast run on my old faithful 5k route. I’m recovered, rested and ready to start preparing for my next run!

Recovery Week

4.2km – 21:50
Recovery run in the warm Florida sun. I wish I didn’t have to go back to running in the snow 😦

The reviews don’t lie…beautifully hilly!

Marco Island Half 1:53:35
We arrived yesterday and I conquered the half this morning. Now to explore this amazing island for the next week! I’ll write a race recap in a few days once my thoughts ferment for a while!



(This one’s for you Peter)

Taper: Week 2

5km – 23:57
Race Prep run. It was nice enough out to run in my gear I’m wearing in Florida. Everything is feeling good. My hip/groin is feeling better and should hold up for the run! It’s all coming together! Now I’m going to rest up and finalize my race strategy.

Taper Week 1

7.1km – 33:32
Slipping and sliding all over the place. That was an icy run!

Taper Week 1

8.3km – 45:00
Good run on the mill!

Taper Time!

I had one more long run of 20k planned for this morning. We’ve been battling the stomach flu for the last 4 days and it’s left me with a slight cold. I also tweaked my groin a little playing hockey last night. So I made the conservative decision to ditch my last run and swing right into my taper for the race. I’m going to keep up my mileage for the next week and then slow down a little to rest up for the race. I’m feeling ready to get a new PB. The weather in Florida has been in the high 20’s and is showing this tread continuing until the race day. That will be 50 degrees warmer than my last long run. Wow!

That’s all I have to say now. I’m going to stay positive and eat well for be next two weeks and then rock a new PB!

Oh ya…I signed up for a couple new races. A half marathon in London on April 27th and a 5k in Goderich on May 11th that I’m running with Megan. I’m excited to see her get back into running!

Keep on moving,