Monthly Archives: January 2014

Week Ten: Run 4

6.3km – 36:20
Maintenance run! A little warmer out today!


Week Ten: Run 3

8.02km – 41:28
Tempo run along the shore road. The calm before the storm. I could see a big dark cloud on the horizon!

Week Ten: Run 2

6.2km – 35:00
Treadmill interval run!

Week Ten: Run 1

65 min Spin
45 min Fartlek Run
Took advantage of a snow day to have a fun workout day!

Long time no see…

Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and blog.  Our lives have been pretty chaotic with a newborn and two year old ravishing the house.  Things are starting to get under control though.  It took a little while to get everyone in a routine and the family running in sync again.  My running has been less than stellar over the last few weeks.  I have missed lots of runs either because I just couldn’t get away for a run or the weather was so nasty and cold that I didn’t want to venture out into the wild.  Starting this week I plan to bare down for the last five weeks and push my training to where it needs to be for a successful run in Florida.

I have a few problem areas that I’m working on right now.  I hate calling them injuries because thats not really what they are.  My right foot has developed a pain under the ball of my big toe.  We had a family doctors appointment for the newest addition to our household which I high-jacked to asked the doctor a few questions about my foot.  He sent me for X-rays but I still haven’t heard anything back on them.  Its not bothering me enough to effect my running but I’d like to get it checked out now incase the prognosis is to take some time off.  If I wait until closer to my run it might effect my training and thats a bummer.  I also made an appointment with a foot specialist to have them analysis my foot and stride to see if Orthotics could remedy the problem.  I think I might be worrying too much about it but I’ve always tried to listen to my body and correct things before they blossom into real “Injuries”.

Overall I’ve been feeling good this time around.  It’s been difficult to get out due to the snow and lack of cleared sidewalks.  I’ve talked to so many people that say how much they love running in the winter.  I agree its nice to be cooler on tough runs but I think I’d take the odd hot afternoon run over blowing snow and freezing cold temperatures EVERY run.  Its starting to wear on me a little and makes it difficult to motivate myself.  I long for the calm summer morning that I can head out before the sun comes up and then watch a beautiful sunrise on the horizon.  The sounds of the waves hitting the sand and the seagulls squawking at me as I run towards them.  The feeling of the warm southern breeze rolling off the lake to cool me down.  I live in the perfect climate to run in the summer.  But I cannot say the same for the cold grey days of winter in Bruce County.

Only 47 days until Florida.

Keep on moving,


Week Nine: Run 3

13.6km – 1:13:16
I love getting my long run finished before anyone else in the house is up.

Week Nine: Run 2

5.8km – 34:00
Night run on the treadmill. I never have much energy at 4am but I got it done.

Week Nine: Run 1

9.4km – 47:35
Late night chilly run. My eye lashes were freezing together on my way home. -27C with the wind chill. Thankfully I’m a bit of a gear freak, I was toasty warm!

Week Eight: Run 3

14.4km – 1:23
Split run this week for my long run. It seems easier but the second run on tired legs hurts a little!

Week Eight: Run 2

8.87km – 46:46
Hill run through the sunny streets of Kincardine.