Monthly Archives: April 2014

London FCRR PB!

1:42:42 (HM) is the new time to beat. Great course and the perfect day for a run!


Week Three: Run into work

25.5km – 2:19:22
I’ve been planning this run for a while and it went off without a hitch. My longest and furthest run ever! I ran from home into work. I haven’t posted in a while, last week I ran four mid distance runs of 6-7km. My Next race is two weeks away so now it’s time to taper and prepare for a new PB.

Week Two: Run 3

21.8km – 1:55:25
Crisp morning run along the lake. My longest run ever. Had to push past 21k to give myself a new distance record. When I first started this journey I was breaking PR’s weekly, I miss that feeling.

Week Two: Run 2

9.77km – 48.01
It’s finally starting to feel like Spring. Tempo run to my parents house. Happy Birthday Dad!

Week Two : Run 1

7km – 37:15
Treadmill building block run. Felt good to push myself a little.