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Strong finish?

Good Morning,
I woke up very early this morning to a sick little boy.  The Flu has struck our house.  Everyone is doing ok but now its time to see if our healthy eating and flu shots can keep it at bay.  With only two weeks to my race, its not the best timing to come down with a sickness but I guess its better then right before we leave for our trip.  I’m always looking on the bright side!

So I’ve worked my way up to a 21k long run and about 40km training weeks.  I’m feeling a few aches and pains but for the most part I’m injury free.  KNOCK KNOCK.  I have one more long run this weekend and then I’ll start to taper for the race.  I’m still going to log 25-30k weeks throughout my taper.  I had a hard time dropping mileage last time around, I felt anxious and shugglish when it came to race day, so I’m going to attempt a different tactic.  More mileage, lower my caloric intake and Carb load 2-3 days out from the race.  That should help with the shugglishness (I don’t think thats a word haha).

I have booked a massage for next week to try to work out some of the tight areas before the run.  I’ve been trying to focus on stretching and even doing a little yoga throughout my program and its really been helping.  Its hard to tell if I’m just in better shape or its the changes that I’ve made this time around, but I’m feeling more flexible and fewer injuries.  I have a DVD called “yoga for runners”  that I’ve done a few times and its taught me some moves that I’ve tried to do daily to keep loose.  I would love to be able to get up early and do some stretching and yoga before my day starts but unfortunately thats not really in the cards right now.  My early work schedule and squeezing in runs before the family wakes up takes priority over stretching! I have made it a rule to sit on the floor instead of the couch at night when watching TV.  It reminds me to stretch and keeps me moving a little because its not very comfortable.

I’m off to take care of my sick little man and try to get a run or maybe a cycle in this afternoon.

Keep on moving,



Week Thirteen: Run 3

20.8km – 1:56:25
That was a character building run. So cold my water froze after 7k. Had to push through to the finish line but I got it done! One more long run next Sunday and it’s taper time!

Week Thirteen: Run 2

8km – 45min
Interval treadmill run!

Week Thirteen: Run 1

Slow start this week. I was fighting a bug yesterday that was likely brought on from exhaustion. Running 18k then working two nights and barely sleeping in between them was not a wise choice. Back on my feet just in time to run into a small blister and had to abort my run. I’m done with trying to break in my orthotics until after my run. Tomorrow’s another day!

Week Twelve: Run 3

18:05km – 1:38:36
Long run on the B-Line.

Week Twelve: Run 2

9.8km – 46:51
My race pace felt pretty good!

Crunch Time

I’m all healed up from getting four wisdom teeth yanked from my mouth. That wasn’t a very fun experience but I’m glad it’s over. I went for a slow run last night and it was the first time I’ve ran in 10 days. I felt pretty flat and slow but that’s to be expected. I have 3 more long runs to complete in the next two weeks and then taper time for the Marco Island run. I’m pumped for this next race.
I really need to bare down and focus on clean eating before this race. It’s been difficult over the last few weeks with my teeth coming out. I need to starting eating more greens and less carbs for the next month to get down to my race weight. This will help with recovery and preparation for the run. Eating a vegetarian diet makes it’s easier to recover and helps maintain a good weight muscle balance. That’s something I never really thought about throughout my life. When training for running, you need to be aware of your muscle mass. It’s a proven fact that the lighter you are the faster you can move yourself. I read once that for every pound you lose, you will cut 3-5 seconds per kilometre.
I have 11 runs in the next 13 days.
I’m excited and hope the weather cooperates for me!

Keep on moving,

Week Twelve: Run 1

Back in the saddle! New pair of Orthotics and 4 fewer teeth. Ready to finish my program strong.

Week Eleven: Rest

This week is being dedicated to rest. Just had four wisdom teeth pulled. Ouch…

Week Ten: Run 5

17.32km – 1:41:00
Slowed it down for a nice long run!